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Why do some people bounce back from adversity while others stay stuck and continue to struggle? Resilience is a remarkable construct – an overarching metaphor that is relevant to everyone in most every role, regardless of age. Fresh understandings are coming to the fore as we glean more working knowledge of the brain and the nature of emotion. Resilience is probably the most important topic of our time and should be everyone’s concern. So where does resilience come from and how are we to make sense of it? The answers lie, surprisingly, in fresh understandings of attachment, emotion, and play. These pivotal factors have unfortunately been eclipsed by the current prevailing focus on symptoms, syndromes, and stress, as well as problem behaviour and dysfunction. The construct of resilience, once truly understood, is universal in its application. We all face adversity; no one is immune. Knowing how to foster resilience and recovery should be one of our main conceptual tools for taking care of ourselves and those who depend upon us.

Bio: Eugena Maguire is a social worker, former “struggling” foster parent and creator of the Parenting Human Beings (PHB) podcast. Limping into adulthood and trying to make sense of her own childhood and mother’s suicide, Eugena fatefully stumbled upon the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, among others. She was deeply inspired, which brought her into her current role as helper, healer, facilitator, and curious journey companion to parents, educators, and any adults who care about kids. Through years of deep inner work and play, hitting the books, and healing, Eugena has discovered what drives us as human beings: our need for connection.


Workshop Host:

Parenting Human Beings - Eugena Maguire



Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Date: Sunday, May 3rd 2020

Cost: Free

Where:  Zoom Meetings

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