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Isopods and Charismatic Composters

Isopods! Also called rollie-pollies, woodlice, pillbugs, or armadillo bugs - we probably know them, we might love them, we might hate them (but you'd be selling them short if you do). Our lab has been developing composting isopods as an efficient container decomposer for 19 years. I'd like to share the secrets of the isopod world: our findings and observations on the benefits this exciting ally (did you know some species are 3 times as efficient at consuming waste as red wigglers - who they can cohabitate with?).

Participants will learn all about keeping isopods indoors, and see a demonstration of a container habitat. I will also cover the role of naturalized isopods outdoors, and other backyard composting critters: the critical roles they play ecologically, and how we can harness the beneficial activities of these creeping feral friends. We'll discuss targeted composting, their roles as soil fixers, and the myths surrounding the creatures that eat garbage.

Corrianne will also be bringing some cool invertebrate guests from our laboratory to meet you. Participants will have the option of taking isopods home (which would be an extra fee). This event is great for kids.

If you would like to purchase the Isopods you may do so directly from Corrianne at the event for $30, Bins and other supplies will also be present for purchase.

Workshop Host:

Butterfly WNW Ltd - Corrianne Brons



Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cost: $10 - $50

Where:  Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

(7211 96a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB)

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