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Why not give yourself the time to cultivate more peace, calm and creativity?

Join us as we explore the proven scientific evidence, anecdotes, and testimonials about how and why integrating the power of mindfulness, meditation and creative practices into your daily routine are beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical health. Simple and easy to use tips, techniques, and methods will be presented where participants will be able to build on their mindfulness and meditation practices and incorporate these practices into their daily life. Participants will be led through an energising and centring meditation and will mindfully explore creating a non-traditional Mandela afterwards. This workshop is perfect for beginners, or those looking to deepen their meditation and artistic practices. Come take a mind and body break, and leave grounded, uplifted, and centred. After all, you are your longest commitment! 

You might need:

For the meditation portion...a comfortable space to close the eyes - cushion, chair, couch or yoga mat. Seated or on your back! A blanket is great to get extra cozy, as body temperature tends to drop when we are in stillness.

Optional: to have a journal/piece of paper writing utensil to record any thoughts from the meditation visually or in words.

For the workshop art portion: A pencil, paper (preferably unlined) and a black sharpie (fine and/or ultra fine), coloured sharpies and shading pencils are optional, and a plate or circle to trace as the size of the Mandela piece we will be working on. Option to research black and white patterns, designs, and zentangles for the artwork!

Workshop Host:

Christa Chapman


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Time: 6:00-9:00 PM

Date: Friday, May 15th, 2020

Cost: Free

Where:  Zoom

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