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The Dirty on Urban Farming - some things you should know before you grow

Veg in Yeg is a social enterprise currently based in the Garneau neighbourhood. Vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown on a vacant lot and in residential backyards, then sold at "Pay What You Want" pricing through a subscription-free customisable veg box delivery service. The model is essentially non-profit (all income goes to pay myself a 'living wage' or gets put back into expanding/improving the model). The motivations behind it are to increase access to locally grown organic food - ultimately helping to create a more resilient, regenerative and sustainable food system. It is my hope that all unused lawns and vacant lots can be transformed to productive, bio-diverse farms or food forests eventually.


This workshop is the minimum requirements to set-up and run an urban farming business or non-profit in Edmonton. It will include:

  • Pros and cons of different models, how to make it work for you (e.g. market vs customisable veg box vs CSA vs restaurants / year-round vs seasonal)

  • Organizational structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, incorporated non-profit etc.)

  • How to find land

  • The City's bylaws - what you need to know

  • Recommendations/estimates on how much land is manageable per farmer.

  • The costs (we tried to source as many items as possible second-hand, or salvaged).

  • The equipment and facilities

  • What to grow

  • How to keep it low-impact and as waste-free as possible

  • Revenue estimates - from my own and others' experience (Note: I farm 'part-time' only during the summer months and also have a stable part-time job all year round which provides financial security during this early experimental farming stage).

  • Working with the community and volunteers

  • Fun-filled tales from the adventures of Nicole and Jorge in their first year of farming.

Workshop Host:

VEG IN YEG - Nicole Spring and Jorge



Time: 11:00 - 12:30 PM

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cost: $5 - $20

Where:  Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

(7211 96a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB)

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